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Advice, tips, and tutorials to effective handle of the preschooler´s education.
Help your child learn in a smart and fun way!
Make Me Hot
Reveal the secrets hidden in the playing cards with your partner.
Pleasure Machine
Play the machine with your partner for a start of the unforgettable moments.
What we are

About us

Our company employs a lot of freelancers who have excellent professional background and are passionate for their work. Together we create a team, where is enough space for the realization of different companie's or their own projects.

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Do you want to work on interesting projects, or you have your own ideas you want to realize?
Join us.

Project investment

Do you see your financial future in IT project? Contact us. Together we can choose a project from many ours that you will undoubtedly like.

Project realization

Would you like to realize your own project, but you don't know the right people for it? Let us know, we are here to help you with it.
What we do

Our projects

Naše Deti is educational website. It contents educational materials like worksheets, games, apps, tutorials and activities designed to help preschoolers play, learn and grow.

Measure Machine

Measure Machine is widely available application that will turn your phone into a real machine for length measurement. You will appreciate it as a practical tool for measuring or fun while performing different tasks. Moreover, you will become stylish with your own new MeMa measurement unit!


Komenio helps parents by developing the skills and abilities of their children in a fun and easy way. Instead of browsing endless lists of new learning apps for kids, parents can now spend more time with their families.

Make Me Hot

Make Me Hot is a simple foreplay sex card game for couples, which will surprisingly make you relax, lose your inhibitions and make things you maybe wouldn’t normally have courage to do.

Pleasure Machine

Pleasure Machine is a simple erotic game for couples with slot machine interface, and is ideal for heating up your foreplay.